Del Norte Unified School District

"Equipping Students for Success"


  • DNHS Tiny Home Auction 6/9 @ 11 AM
    Join us at the District Office at 11 AM tomorrow for the DNHS Tiny Home Live Auction! This exciting event provides an excellent opportunity to support students while acquiring your very own tiny home! All proceeds will go towards next year's tiny home build.
    The starting bid is $45,000. You can bid either in person or over Zoom. If you plan on bidding, read all the bidding requirements before attending the auction. To ensure you are permitted to participate in the auction.
    For all the details related to the auction and for videos and photos of the tiny home, please visit:
    Go, Warriors!
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  • Mission Statement:

    Equipping Students for Success


  • The DNCUSD is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment where each student is provided with high-quality instruction that meets them where they are and leads them to content mastery in each grade level. In addition, students benefit from access to counselors and other programs that coach them in life skills, high school and college readiness, and career awareness. To these ends, students will be offered meaningful learning experiences to enable them to access and critically analyze information, pose substantive questions, to communicate and collaborate effectively, and to build lasting and profound connections to the community. 

  • Vision Statement:

    "Del Norte Schools are safe and welcoming environments where each student is provided with high-quality instruction to prepare them for career, college, and life."


    DNCUSD aspires to be a community of students, classified and certificated educators, and families that provides students with the knowledge, skills, inspiration, and confidence to succeed in career and college and to fully engage in civic life within the community. In our schools, every child is inspired, challenged, engaged, and cared for. Every family is welcome into our schools and offices, respected, and valued by our staff, and our community is united, strengthened, and enriched by students prepared to lead Del Norte County through the 21st century. Finally, the DNCUSD staff, both certificated and classified, are valued contributors to and owners of the success of each student, driving a culture and sense of family and community.