DNUSD Homeless Education Program

  • Our Homeless Youth Program students are entitled to the same free and appropriate public education that is provided to non-homeless students.  Schools are required to remove barriers to the enrollment, attendance, and academic success of homeless students.  Many homeless families in Del Norte County do not realize they are considered homeless.  Students between the ages of 0 and 22, who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime reseidence, and; has a primary nighttime residence that is a shelter designated to providing temporary living accommodations, living in a car, park, abandoned building, temporarily in a trailer park or camping area, doubled-up with another family due to loss of housing, abandoned at a hospital, is placed by the state in an emergency shelter due to lack of alternative housing, is abandoned,or a runaway/throwaway youth are considered homeless.  If any of these apply, please contact our Homeless Liaison at 707-464-0722 or contact your child's school office for more information.

    If you feel you qualify for the Homeless Program, please fill out this Housing Questionaire and return it to your child's school.  Once the school verifies that you qualify, you will be sent a second form, Eligibity Queations for Students, to fill out and return to the school.

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