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    Attendance in Elementary Grades:  Tips for Parents

    5 Facts on School Attendance



    Build the habit of good attendance starting with the first day of school.

    1. Post a school calendar in your home with the schedule.
    2. Identify transportation to school.
    3. Pack their backpacks the night before school and have a consistent place to put them.
    4. Setting a regular bedtime will ensure enough sleep for the learning at school.
    5. Create a routine and set an alarm that allows your student to be on time for school every day.
    6. Establish a back-up plan with relatives, neighbors or friends that can get your child to school when you cannot.
    7. Keep your child healthy by dressing them for the weather, hand washing and talking to your doctor when they are sick.


    Present, Engaged and Supported

    Relationships, whether with staff or students, help keep students engaged and attending school every day.  Does every student have a meaningful relationship with a caring adult on campus?  Every student should have at least one caring adult on campus they connect with that checks-in with them daily and that they feel comfortable reaching out to for help when they need it.  

    Schools also work to strengthen their relationships with families by inviting families to participate in school events, activities as well as providing feedback on what is going well and ideas for improvement.  During the week, school is where students spend most of their time outside the family home, so it is essential that positive relationships between schools and families are established.

    Absenteeism is a sign that positive conditions for learning are missing whether classes are in person, distance or blended. Click this image for a guide to Planning Transitions to School




    Click the above image to access the Attendance Matters Guide to Planning Transitions to School.



    Who can families turn to when they need support?

    People who can help on campus: Teachers, Counselors, Principals, Student Liaisons, Family Resource Officer

    Local resources can be found at:  Connect Del Norte and the Del Norte Wellness Center


    Five Essential Roles Families Play to Accelerate Student Learning


    Key Ingredients for Systemic Change

    Key Ingredients for Systemic Change. Click this image to learn more about the Key Ingredients for Systemic Change

    Click the image above to learn more about the Key Ingredients for Systemic Change.



    Student Attendance Success Plan

    Student Attendance Success Plan and My Family's Help Bank forms. Click this image to learn more and for printable versions.


    To learn more and for printable versions of these forms, click the image above.




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