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  • READBowl Event Begins

    Bess Maxwell's 2nd Annual ReadBowl event begins on January 9th.  This is a schoolwide reading competition among the classes. Classes are divided into a Lower Conference (K-2) and Upper Conference (3-5). 

    Students track the number of minutes they read each day and turn in their reading log every Monday.  If you need a reading log please look over in the sidebar under, "Library Forms," you will find a link there.

    After reading logs are submitted, the minutes are totaled and averaged by the number of students in the class.  Minutes are recorded and submitted for a total of four weeks. 

    Afterwards, the total minutes of all four weeks will be averaged and winners will be announced as the Grand Dolphin Champions of Reading on February 10th.  Prizes will be awarded to each student of the top three winning classes of each conference.

    This is meant to be a fun and motivational event to help encourage students to read. However, they will most likely need some help.  Please help your students track their reading minutes and read along with them. Happy Reading!

  • READBowl Winners

    Lower Conference:             

    1st Place: Hooper                    

    2nd Place: McQuinn               

    3rd Place: Wanke                

    Upper Conference:                

    1st Place: Hooper                  

    2nd Place: Nunez                   

    3rd Place: Cumbra                   


  • Recess Clubs in the Library

    Come to the library to join one of our recess time clubs. The library now offers a Lego club and book clubs during student recess time for grades 1-5. All clubs are optional.

    Lego club will be held Tuesday-Thursday during morning recess.  Students will be able to come play and create with Legos.  Students are required to check-in with the activity monitor prior to coming to the library. 

    Book clubs are available for Grades 1-5 students during lunch recess.  Grade 1 students will have the option to come on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Students will be picked up from the lunchroom and then go to the library to read a book.  Only a select amount of students will be able to attend each day.  For Grades 2-5 book club will be held on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  Students will have an opportunity to sign-up for a book of their choosing from pre-selected titles.  Each book club group will last one month and there will be a different book every month.  Grades 2-5 students are expected to meet the librarian at the library during lunch recess after checking in with the activity monitor.  Students will be able to keep the book as their own at the conclusion of the book.  Please see here for Book Club Expectations.                                                                                                                               

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    Days: Monday-Friday

    Hours: 8:00-2:30

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