Classified Staff Work Resources

  • Use the collection of resources below to complete work-related tasks. If you are unsure what tools you should be using on this list, please consult with your supervisor.  

  • Support Requests

    Communications Support

    Submit a request to the Communications Department automatically by emailing
    Communications Help Hotline 707-464-6143 | ext.10143

    Travel Tracker

    Submit a request to the Transportation Department using computer login credentials to book a vehicle for work-related tasks.
    Transportation Department 707-464-0250 | ext.10250 |

    Tech Support

    Submit an IT ticket using computer login credentials to schedule a computer support technician to assess your tech-related issues.
    IT Help Desk 707-464-0701 | ext.10701 | Email:

    Maintenance Requests

    Submit a maintenance request using computer login credentials to schedule a maintenance technician to assess your issues.
    Maintenance Office 707-464-0253 | ext 10253 | Email:


    Online Tools


    Access to the student information system (SIS).


    Mass communications tool for emailing, texting, and calling parents, staff, and students.


    A single sign-on tool used by students and staff for software integrations.


    The designated email platform used by the district.

    Keenan SafeSchools

    Provider of safety and work-related training to district staff.



    Academic Calendars

    These calendars detail school holidays, grading periods, parent-teacher conferences, and minimum days.

    Classified Work Calendars

    Classified staff report to work based on their work calendar. There are a variety of work calendars depending on the work assignment an employee holds. If you are unsure which one to use, please ask your direct supervisor.

    District Wide Calendar

    District events, board meetings, personnel commission meetings, school events, and dates to remember. 




    Asset Movement Form

    Used for equipment inventory when transferring assets from one department and/or location to another.

    Leave Affidavit

    Used to schedule vacation, account for sick days, and/or other types of employee leave.

    Leave Affidavit for Subs

    Used by subs to account for sick days.

    Movement Request Form

    When a large object needs to be scheduled to be picked up and moved from one location, this form is used.  

    Travel Arrangement Form

    All conferences and/or events that require travel, lodging, and per diem must be approved by a supervisor.



    Classified Contract Timesheet

    Submit hours worked and overtime hours.

    Classified Sub Timesheet

    Submit hours worked and overtime hours for subs.



    Gift Card Reimbursement Tracking Form

    Purchased gift cards used for student incentives may be reimbursed when following all guidelines outlined in the form. Please check with your supervisor prior to making purchases.  

    Employee Reimbursement Form

    Work-required materials purchased by the employee may be reimbursed. Please check with your supervisor prior to making purchases.

    Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines

    Outlines the requirements and procedures required to submit a mileage reimbursement request.

    Mileage Reimbursement

    If you own or lease the vehicle you drive for work-related tasks, you may submit a request to be reimbursed for your mileage. 

    Travel Reimbursement Form

    Costs incurred by the employee when traveling for approved out-of-town work-related events may be reimbursed. Employees must fill out a Travel Arrangement Form to be eligible for reimbursement.