Student Earned Income Exclusion

  • You can use this page to learn more about the Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) and how it is implemented within the TPP/Workability I program.


    The Student Earned Exclusion (SEIE) is a special earned income deduction for students who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and earn income while attending school. The SEIE allows a majority of students to keep more or all of their SSI checks by not counting earned wages against them. This is a real incentive for students who are SSI recipients to gain work experience while in school. 

    • Social Security considers our students to be “regularly attending school” as they are taking one or more courses of study and attending classes in grades 7-12th for at least 12 hours a week. If students are homeschooled because of disability, they may be considered “regularly attending school” by studying a course or courses given by a school or by having a home visit or tutor who directs the study. 

    • In 2023, if a student is receiving SSI benefits, is under the age of 22, and regularly attends a school, Social Security will completely disregard up to $2,220 per month of their earned income. The maximum yearly exclusion is $8,950.00. The Social Security Administration adjusts that monthly amount and the yearly limit annually based on any increases in the cost-of-living index.


    If a student receives SSI and starts working, they must report their wages to Social Security and provide a letter from the TPP/WorkAbility I Program or their direct employer. 

    STEP ONE: The letter is to be written on the school or business letterhead and state the following information:

    • Student Name 

    • Social Security Number

    • Name of the high school they attend

    • Current School Year

    • Number of hours they attend school

    • Number of hours a week they work

    Letters from TPP/WorkAbility I can be obtained by contacting the program office directly at 707-464-0281 or emailing the program supervisor at After you have the letter, proceed to step 2.

    STEP TWO: 

    • Ask your employer for their EIN number to give to the Social Security Office.

    • Log in or create an account at 

    • Once your account is set up, call 1-855-727-3600 or visit our local Social Security office to add the wage reporting portal to their online account. Another option is to download the Social Security Administrations' wage reporting app.


    560 E Hoover Ave.

    Crescent City, CA 95531

    Monday- Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM 

    Phone: 1-855-727-3600

    TTY: 1-800-325-0778


    Rev. 04/27/2023