• The Del Norte Unified School District is a nationally recognized school district that passionately teaches 4000 students across 11 schools. Located in Del Norte, the most northwestern county in California, we enjoy some of the most beautiful forests, rivers, and beaches in the world.

    The District consists of 11 schools: eight elementary schools, a middle school, and two high schools. Del Norte Unified School District has some of the highest graduation rates of all schools in California. We have been nationally recognized by the United State Department of Agriculture for our exemplary Nutrition Services department that sources local and healthy foods for student meals. The District is committed to providing top of the line education, and this is shown by the accomplishments made by our students, staff, and leadership every year. The District’s teaching staff is highly capable, passionate, and professional. With various professional development opportunities, conferences, staff development workshops, and collaboration time, the Del Norte Unified staff acquire an exceptional amount of teaching experience.

    As one of the most innovative school districts in the country, Del Norte Unified School District implements creative and unique solutions for challenges faced by few other districts.