Principal's Corner

  • Warmest greetings Margaret Keating School community,

    Welcome to our 2019/2020 school year! It is impossible to begin this letter without remembering the beginning of last school year. Specifically the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and commitment I began with. Returning, I am happy to report more excitement and commitment with much fewer nerves, and renewed determination. It has only been an honor to serve the Klamath community, and I look forward to another year being your school’s principal. I also want to take this opportunity to offer deep appreciation for the time and attention given to your child's academic success, and hope each year our community’s focus and commitment to academics deepens.

    We are continuing with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBIS at Margaret Keating School this year. PBIS and Margaret Keating promote students and staff to work on the traits of safety, respect and responsibility. It is our hope that every individual connected to MKS implements these traits throughout the school year, and beyond. There are PBIS posters throughout the hall as reminders to our students and a PBIS board outside the office. Be sure to check them out when you visit. Be safe, be respectful and be responsible. 

    For parents and students to stay informed about all things MKS we will be beginning the school year much like last year. Our wonderful secretary Nancy Bessette will continue to send needed school updates and bulletins home, as well as use our other new communication features. If you need any school  information feel free to email her at or call her here at school: 707.464.0340. 

    The daily start time at Margaret Keating will continue to begin at 8:15 AM and conclude at 2:30 PM. The school is still serving breakfast at 7:25 am until 8:10 am. Our first day of school is Monday, August 26th and will be a full day for students. Please contact Ms. Nancy if you have any questions about the bus schedule, or stop by the office.

    If you have any questions for me or need to make an appointment to see me please contact our office at (707) 464-0340 or email me at

    As a reminder when reporting student absences, please contact the office as soon as possible as an absence occurs. You may telephone, email, or write a note. On behalf of the Margaret Keating  School staff, welcome to the 2019/2020 school year! We are excited about all of the positive offerings this year will hold for your students!


    Kristian Stremberg

Mr. Kristian Stremberg

Phone: 707.464.0340


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Mr. Kristian Stremberg