Parent Involvement



    The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” is certainly true.  In order to meet the needs of our students, we need volunteers. Below are some of the ways you can get involved and what you need to get started.  Looking forward to working with you!

    General guidelines:

    All school volunteers need to fill out a volunteer form annually.  This is available in the school office. We need a copy of your ID/driver’s license.  You will be asked to complete a tuberculosis questionnaire. The office does a Megan’s Law check to protect our students.  Fingerprinting is only necessary if the volunteer will work alone with students.  


    School volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality.  Any observations or information gathered while with students may not be shared, even with the student’s parents.  If parents or guardians have questions regarding their students, please ask them to speak with their child’s teacher or the school principal.


    Volunteers should dress comfortably, avoiding open-toed shoes and clothing with profanity or advertising for tobacco or alcohol products.  No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco/vaping products are allowed on campus. Volunteers should refrain from using profanity while in the presence of the children.  We expect adults at school to model the safe, respectful, responsible behavior we want our students to use.


    Classroom teachers and the school principal are responsible for student discipline.  Volunteers may not discipline students. If you see behavior that is defiant, disruptive, or unsafe, please notify a school employee.


    All volunteers must sign in and out of the school office.  As a general rule, siblings should not accompany volunteers to school when they are volunteering.  No item purchased or supplied by the school district should be removed from school sites without the express authorization of the site principal.  This includes items on the “share table” in the staff room.


    Volunteer Opportunities

    • Watch DOGS:  This program encourages men to volunteer in classrooms and the playground.  Volunteers may spend a day (or multiple days) or partial days at our school.  If you’d like to be a Watch DOG, sign up in the school office.


    • Foster Grandparent  Program: This program is designed for adults age 55 and over to encourage, tutor, and support students at school.  If you are interested in becoming part of this program, contact Kim Yost at (707) 954-8706 or


    • Classroom helpers:  If you have time to help in your child(ren)’s classrooms, contact the teacher to arrange a time to volunteers.  Having a weekly time that you can help is useful, but not required.


    • PTSO and popcorn poppers:  Our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) meets monthly and supports our school in a variety of ways.  You do not have to come to monthly meetings to help! If you are interested, contact  at Sara Floyd @ Some volunteers help with our weekly attendance popcorn prizes.  If you can help make popcorn, please contact the school office.


    • Field trip helpers:  Some adults like to help chaperone students on field trips.  If you can help, please contact your child’s teacher or sign up in the office to be ready whenever opportunities come up.  


    Ways to work with students:

    • Relax and be yourself.
    • Be friendly toward all students.
    • Be pleasant and interested in the students' activities.
    • Encourage students to try to do the activity to the best of his/her ability.
    • Praise students for a job well done.
    • Encourage positive behavior by noticing the students making good choices.
    • Remember that students often respond better to choices than commands.
    • Don’t do for a student what he/she can do for him/herself.
    • Call the student by his/her name.
    • Be flexible.  Don’t be afraid to admit a mistake, nobody is perfect.
    • Be patient.  Remember that teachers and students are human.  They will have good days and bad days.