Parent Involvement

  • Why is parent involvement or engagement so important at the middle school level? 

    Parent involvement and engagement make a difference in your child's education. Research has shown that your student is more likely to succeed if you become involved in their education. They earn higher grades and test scores, they graduate from high school and attended post-secondary school, they have confidence and motivation in the classroom, and they have better social skills and behavior. We all know that being involved can be difficult if you are a parent. Here at Crescent Elk Middle School, we want to find a way for you to get involved in your child's education and we have many avenues for you to participate in. Please look at our list and make a commitment today. 

    Analyze your child's grades on Aeries and email teachers

    Attend: Orientation, Back-to-School Night, Crescent Elk Family Education Nights, Spring and Winter Music Concert  

    Give administration input during CE Morning Cup of Joe

    Come to our Cougar Pride Lunch and have lunch with your child every first Thursday of the month

    Volunteer to chaperone a dance or field trip or help with an event  (We always need the help!)

    Explore one of our exciting libraries nights. Last year we had: Harry Potter Night, Lighting Theif Night, and a Murder Mystery

    Celebrate your child success with our Honor "Roll" Cougar Breakfast, or by decorating your child's locker on Honor your Student Day

    Cheer your child on during a pep rally or game

    And more. 

    We are a school of over 500 students and there is always something happening here at Crescent Elk please find a way to be apart of the Cougar Team by just asking a parent, teacher, or me how you can get involved. 



    Mrs. Cochran

    Assistant Principal