Castle Rock Mission & Vision

  • Personalized Learning

    "Excellence in education through partnerships with students, parents, public schools and the community"


    The mission of Castle Rock Charter School is to offer a partnership between parents and the public school system, and also to provide a quality and unique method of educational reform. Parents/guardians who recognize a personal responsibility for the education of their youth will have a greater say in shaping that education. Castle Rock Charter School will offer a broad variety of parent­ directed educational options which emphasize academic excellence, accountability and character development while meeting the unique learning needs of individual students. The mission of the school is to provide academic courses which culminate in a high school diploma, to promote life­long learning skills, and to advance our belief that parental involvement and partnerships in education are critical to success.




Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement:

    Equipping Students for Success


    Vision Statement:

    Del Norte Schools are safe and welcoming environments where each student is provided with high-quality instruction to prepare them for career, college, and life.