Mission & Vision

  • Del Norte Community School Mission and Vision Statement

    Our school offers small class sizes and shorter school days to encourage students to enroll in the local Community College, obtain and maintain employment, and access other opportunities the student or family may need. All core curriculum is offered as well as career pathways in Agriculture and Construction.

    Our mission is to meet academic, social-emotional, vocational, and creative needs of our students, as shown by multiple measures. Our shared vision is a Del Norte County Office of Education graduate possessing a sense of dignity and self respect, having acquired the skills necessary to succeed academically and the social skills enabling one to tolerate, and appreciate individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity, problem solving skills which allow one to to confidently and completely analyze information or situations and formulate decisions for the benefit of others, citizenship which reflect patriotism and a commitment to family, community and global responsibility, personal skills that demonstrate self discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and an intrinsic motivation to succeed.


    District Mission and Vision Statement

    Mission Statement:

    Equipping Students for Success


    Vision Statement:

    Del Norte Schools are safe and welcoming environments where each student is provided with high-quality instruction to prepare them for career, college, and life.