Early Childhood Education

  • The Preschool Office is located at 544 W. Harding Ave. (across from Bess Maxwell).

    Phone: 707.464.0720

    Enrollment:  You can pick up an enrollment packet at any school site, the District Office or the Preschool Office.  You can also download a fillable Preachool Application Form from the tab on the right.

    NOTE: Submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment.   An appointment must be made to complete the registration process. Please call the number above to schedule an appointment.

    PRESCHOOL: California State Preschool & District Preschool

    General Information: 

    • Must be 3 or 4 by December 1st of the current school year.
    • Children who turn 4 on or before Sept. 1st have the first priority.
    • Children who turn 3 after December 1st are eligible on their birthday.
    • Acceptance is based on Income & Family Size.
    • State Preschool is a State subsidized program with classrooms at:
      • Bess Maxwell - morning & afternoon classes
      • Joe Hamilton - morning & afternoon classes
      • Mary Peacock - morning & afternoon classes
      • Pine Grove - morning & afternoon classes
    • District Preschool
      • Smith River - Full Day Preschool
    • Class hours:
      • Morning Class hours: 8am – 11am (early out days: 8am – 10am)
      • Afternoon Class hours: 12noon – 3pm (early out days 12noon – 2pm)
      • Full Day Class hours: 8am – 2:15pm (early out days 8am – 12:30pm)

      Immunizations needed to start Preschool:

    • Polio x 3
    • DTaP x 4
    • MMR x 1
    • Varicella x 1
    • Hib x 1
    • Hep B x 3


    • Serves children 0-3 years old
    • Open to all community families, although teen students will have priority.
    • Early Head Start Hours:     Monday through Friday 7:45am-2:15pm
    • For enrollment questions, please call: 464-0380 or 464-0228.