Taa-'at-dvn : Indian Magnet School

  • An American Indian Magnet Educational Program

    Taa-'at-dvn is the Dee-ni' Wee-ya' (Tolowa Language) name for Crescent City. It was chosen to honor the Dee-ni' (Tolowa) townsite where Crescent City stands today. The School was created to focus on and capture the Native American students who were fleeing the public schools and dropping out, thereby ending their formal education.

    The goal of Taa-'at-dvn is to work with Native American students who need an alternative to the conventional school system. Taa-'at-dvn is focused on creating a place where our students can feel and be successful in their educational endeavors.

    Taa-'at-dvn is primarily an Independent Study Program where the student is homeschooled, meeting with the teacher for a minimum of one hour a week. Students are always welcomed at Taa-'at-dvn for assistance in their needs, or simply a place to be and work.

    The program focuses on ensuring that each student is working at their ability level, having a successful learning experience. We believe that all students are talented and capable of learning and growing. We do our best to ensure that our students understand their talents, worth, and ability, ensuring they work to the best of their abilities.

    Taa-'at-dvn is also the home of the Dee-ni' Wee-ya' class offered in conjunction with DNHS, Castle Rock, and the Smith River Rancheria. It is a class accepted by the CSU/UC system to fulfill the world language requirement. The class focuses on authentic learning and as such is very hands-on and active. Students use multiple learning modalities to genuinely learn and understand the language.

    Taa-'at-dvn is overseen by Lewis Nova.

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