How do I get help with Blackboard?

    There are a number of avenues where you can get help with Blackboard;


    This is a blackboard site that shows all sorts of tutorials and guides and also has an extensive amount of resources.


    This is a site maintained by Blackboard that is focused on best practices.  With examples of school districts using different features effectively.



    This site is the official support page for Blackboard.  Here you can submit a help ticket.  You can browse through the support knowledge base.  And participate in the support blog and community section for tips and tricks from actual users.  This site is also available within Blackboard by clicking the "Community and Support" link at the top of your site manager.


    There is also the "How Do I ..." tab in your site manager.  This is context specific help that is searchable.  You can also find quick reference help "Cards" as well as more comprehensive documentation in their "Guides" and "Workbooks".  Searching on those keywords will bring those topics to the fore.  And you will find videos and webinar archives for most topics.