• Teacher Webpage Content Standards and Maintenance Guidelines

    These guidelines are meant to be a reference for teachers who wish to create, publish, and maintain teacher websites. A teacher website can be a powerful tool. Its main purpose is to communicate up-to-date class and school information to the students and their parents.

    Teachers who post websites are responsible for adhering to the DNUSD policies regarding the proper
    use of the internet. The teacher is solely responsible for the content on the website.


    Teachers’ Webpage Content Guidelines

    • Teacher’s home page content
      • Welcome and philosophy about the class
      • Areas of classroom study
      • Due dates for the upcoming week
      • Recent assignments
      • Teacher’s school-focused Twitter or Facebook (if applicable)
    • Links to other pages
      • Classroom calendar
        • Includes assignments, field trips, special events/activities
        • Can do a live feed so upcoming assignments plugged into the calendar
          automatically come up on the teacher’s home page. (Use the Upcoming Events
          app in SchoolWires).
      • Classroom schedule
        • Daily/weekly classroom schedule, depending on what’s appropriate (e.g. library
          on Monday mornings, music after lunch on Tuesdays, or first and third period
          sixth-grade science; second, fourth and fifth period advanced sixth grade
        • Link to the bell schedule
      • Homework policy/make-ups/testing
      • Contact me: hours of availability for parents/students, the best way to contact, classroom #,
        classroom phone #, twitter handle, if available
    •  Optional extras
      • Additional resources such as suggested reading/videos/websites (Make sure to include
        a disclaimer if linking to an external site that the District does not sponsor that site)
      • Classroom photo gallery (Make sure only post photos of students with photo
      • Teacher’s weekly announcements, blog, podcast, videos
      • Classroom expectations

    Teachers’ Webpage Maintenance Guidelines

    • Beginning of school year (by the end of the second week of school)
      • Develop your page
      • Post (at least) next two weeks of assignments
      • Post next two weeks of events on your class calendar
    • Weekly
      • Update calendar
      • Update assignments and due dates
    • Monthly (optional)
      • Update photo gallery suggested reading


    Additional communication guideline for teachers

    • Once a month (at least), send a short blurb to your principal (could even be a photo with a
      caption) for inclusion in your school’s newsletter describing something your class is doing.


    Contact District Communication & Outreach Director Michael Hawkins, mhawkins@dnusd.org or
    707-464-6141, ext. 0237 for questions building your page and/or linking it to your school’s site.