Lessons Plan Template

State of Jefferson Curriculum Requiremnts

Teaching American History--Incorporation of Primary Source(s) 

Your lesson plan will include the following components: 

Topic. What is the topic of your lesson plan? What is the primary source you will be integrating? 

· What is the "bottom line" message you want your students to know after interacting with the primary source? Express your theme in one succinct sentence. For example, (looking at a map of railroads in the 1870’s) Theme-Railroad expansion greatly impacted economic growth and population shifts. 

Standards. Which Standards does your topic/theme/primary source address within your grade level? Consider using California Connections II if necessary. Available at: http://www.ccss.org/docs/CA%20Concepts.pdf 

Timeline. What is the length of the primary source activity? It may be designed for a 15 minute to 1 hour period of time. What is the length of the main lesson? 

Prior Content Knowledge and Skills. What will your students need to know before this lesson that will help them understand its content? 
· In terms of content, what will your students need to know before being introduced to the primary source? 
· In terms of interpretation skills, what will your students need to be able to do to be successful in understanding the primary source? 

Lesson Content. How will you present the complete body and content of your lesson? 
· Content presentation – describe in ¼ page or less what the main lesson includes. (Briefly describe lesson and cite the main source of information (Textbook, film, website….. ) 
· Primary Source Integration-describe in sufficient detail how the primary source will be used in the main lesson. What analysis questions will you pose? Include any guides or forms you will use. When will it occur in the lesson? How will it be displayed/shared? Please cite your primary source(s) 

Conclusion. How will you conclude the primary source lesson component in a way that reiterates and emphasizes the theme? 

Evaluation. How will you know the impact of using the primary source in your lesson? Your evaluation may occur at any time during the main lesson. 

Due Dates: First Lesson January 9 Second Lesson May 8 
Summer Trip Lesson Museum Lesson 
Summer and Museum Lesson Due at Summer Institute.
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