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Redwood Coast Indian Career Pathways (RCICP)

Redwood Coast Indian Career Pathways. Find more information below.


You can use this page to access information and resources provided through the Redwood Coast Indian Career Pathways (RCICP) program at DNUSD.



The Redwood Coast Indian Career Pathways program is funded through a US Department of Education Demonstration Grant. Our partners include the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, Resighini Rancheria, and our Lead Partner, the Yurok Tribe. This program was designed to prepare American Indian Students 6th - 12th grade for college and/or a career. It is our mission to support American Indian students to successfully transition to college and careers after high school.


Academic Support

Classroom Support

Out-of-Class Math & English Tutoring

After-School Tutoring

Academic Coaching





Counseling & Social-Emotional Support

Peer Groups

Transition Support

Check and Connect






College & Career Support

College Tours

SAT/ACT Proctoring/Prep

FAFSA, Financial Aid and Scholarship Application Assistance

College, Trade School and Employment Application Assistance

Staff Directory

Jennifer Feliciano

RCICP Grant Program Supervisor

Machelle Bates

Teacher 3rd Grade, RCICP Program Coordinator

Krystal Dodge

RCICP Program Coordinator

Rachel Fosdick

RCICP Program Coordinator

Katie Richcreek

RCICP Program Coordinator