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Senior Year


You've made it this far! This is the final stretch so it's important to finish your High School career on a high note by maintaining grades, applying to college, and wrapping up any final tasks to end the year strong. 


Make sure you have completed graduation requirements and meet course requirements for your final choices. Your admission is contingent upon consistent academic performance, so it's important to maintain grades so colleges don't rescind their offers.  


Update and finish your academic resume with your volunteer work, sports, leadership opportunities, internships, awards, or anything else that would be useful in your application and to provide to those you've asked to write a letter of recommendation for you.  


August-October: You will want to make sure that your transcripts are sent to the schools your applying to. For those asking for recommendation letters please give enough advance notice to write it. It is suggested you give 3 weeks. Attend college events, and register for ACT/SAT if needed. Fall semester is your last chance to take those. Fill out your FAFSA for the next academic year, work on college essays, and start scholarship searches.

November-December: Keep track of deadlines and complete applications. Admissions essays should be complete.

January-February: Make sure that colleges applications are submitted and complete. Attend your school's Financial Aid Night. Your FAFSA should be complete at this point for Fall. Start applying for scholarships.

March-April: College decisions should start to arrive. Explore colleges you've been accepted to, and revisit campuses if you can. Keep a look out for housing deadlines for colleges you've been accepted to. Review financial aid packages and ask questions if you are uncertain.  

May: Make your college decision official. Send in your final transcripts to colleges, and make sure to review essential information for you school including orientation dates and housing information. Congratulations on the next step of your journey!