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English Learning Development (ELD)

English Learning Development (ELD)

English Learner Program. Learn more about this program below.


You can use this page to learn more about the DNUSD English Learner Program and to find resources related to the program.



English Learner Program Mission

The goal for the English Learner Program is to develop English language literacy and provide access to the core curriculum as rapidly and effectively as possible in an established English Language classroom with curriculum designed for such students. The district is committed to working with administrators, teachers, support staff, district staff, community members, students, and parents to provide the most effective instructional programs for English Learners.

Our district is dedicated to closing the achievement gap for all students, and our objective is to provide our English Learners with outstanding ongoing support through a cycle of instruction, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation. To ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, annual training and review is provided on the Master Plan for English Learners for district and site staff, and direct support is delivered to each school site.

All district staff is accountable for ensuring that programs for English Learners are optimally effective, and we are all expected to follow procedures specified in this plan.

Achievement Goals for English Learners

It is the mission of the Del Norte County Unified School District to educate and support English Learners in reaching their highest potential each year. District resources will focus on enabling all students to achieve the following goals;

  • Develop and implement effective programs for English Learners;
  • Helping English Learners to meet the criteria for reclassification to Fluent English Proficient;
  • Help all students make one or more years of growth each year, as measured using standardized testing and district benchmarks;
  • Engage English Learners in meaningful cultural, social, and academic activities;
  • Ensure that all English learners access and master the English language;
  • Ensure that all English Learners access and master the core curriculum;
  • Strengthen parent involvement and engagement in their child’s academic plans;
  • Decrease the risk of failure, retention, and drop-outs;
  • Increase EL participation in advanced academic programs and enrichment opportunities.

Staff Directory

Luis Pelayo-Zepeda

7th/8th Language Arts/Science Teacher, ESL Teacher - Smith River Location
Adult Education, English Learning Development