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Understanding Certificated Salary Placement & Movement

You can use this page to help gain a better understanding of placement and movement on the Certificated Salary Schedule.



Initial Certificated Salary Placement

The certificated salary schedule is comprised of columns and steps. Columns relate to the educational units a certificated employee earned after the Bachelor's degree. 


Preliminary/clear Credentials & BA + 30 Units

Credentials & BA + 45 units or MA Reg. Cred. & BA + 60 units or MA + 15 units

Reg. Cred> & BA + 75 units or MA + 30 units


Column Placement

Human Resources staff reviews official transcripts provided by the employee. They look for:

  • Bachelor's degree award date.
  • Master's degree award date (if applicable).
  • How many semester units the employee has earned from an accredited university with a grade of "C" or better.

Staff creates a units sheet for the employee based on official transcripts. The units are counted from the Bachelor's award date or from the Master's award date. Column placement determination is based on what gives the employee the greatest salary benefit. 

Step Placement

Step placement is based on the years of verifiable certificated service. The Del Norte Teacher's Association (DNTA) contract allows for five years of certificated service upon hire but authorizes additional years of service based on the following language:

  • Upon initial hire, the maximum step an employee may start is step 6.
  • When an employee becomes tenured, which occurs at the start of the third year of certificated service within the district, up to an additional 5 years of service can be credited to the employee. 

Step movement occurs annually. Column placement affects the number of steps an employee can move. Column "C" has five steps, Column "D" has eight steps, Column "E" has ten steps, and Column "F" has 30 steps. To see the salary schedule, choose the "Salary Schedules" tab on the Human Resources Department page.

Column Movement

Column movement may occur at the beginning of each school year. Official transcripts for additional units earned must be provided to the Human Resources Department no later than August 31st. Units earned mid school year are applied to the following school year. It is in the employee's best financial interest to complete units to move to Column "F" as quickly as possible.