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Classified Salary Schedules

Are you looking for more information on the pay scale here at DNUSD? Use this page to learn more about our Classified Salary Schedules.



A salary schedule (also known as a pay scale) is a system that determines how much an employee is to be paid as a wage or salary based on one or more factors, such as the employee's level, rank, or status within the employer's organization, the length of time that the employee has been employed, and the difficulty of the specific work performed.

Each year an employee is with the district, they may move up the salary schedule and may receive an increase in their compensation, depending on the step they currently occupy on the schedule. See the schedules below for a detailed breakdown of certificated and classified wage increases each year.

Any raise negotiated by the union is in addition to the salary schedule increase they will receive. For example, an employee moves up a step in the salary schedule after their first year of employment and receives a 3.96% increase in compensation by moving to the next step in the schedule. Also that year, their union negotiated an additional 2% raise for all staff. In the end, that employee experienced a 6% increase in compensation as a result of these two factors. (Salary Schedule Increase & Union Negotiated Raises)

Classified Admin refers to directors who manage services that support schools and teachers across the district (Transportation, Food Services, Information Technology, etc...)

Classified Salary Schedules