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California School Employees Association

CSEA Proposals


Date: 5/1/2024

Joint Communiqué: Del Norte Unified School District & Del Norte Teachers Association

We, Del Norte Unified School District and Del Norte Teachers Association, affirm our collaboration for quality education and a positive working environment. Both bargaining teams acknowledge the importance of collaboration in education and equipping students and staff for success.

Proposals Updated: 10, 11Tentative Agreement reached on Articles: 1, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27 

All proposals and tentative agreements can be found in the attached table. 

2024-27 Proposal/TA Tracking

Next Meeting Date and Agenda:Plan for May 7th 12-4pm: Discuss Articles 10, 22 and 25. Plan for May 21st 12-4pm, 22nd 8-4pm: Discuss May Revise Data and CVT Updates, Articles 20, 9 and Appendix B. 

Jeff Napier, Lead Negotiator, DNUSD

Charlene Knowlton, Lead Negotiator, DNTA



Jeff Napier

Assistant Superintendent of Business

Del Norte County Unified School District


Del Norte County Office of Education


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