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Child Find

Del Norte County Unified School District (DNUSD) is committed to identifying, locating, and evaluating children who are suspected of having a disability. The goal is to determine if these children are eligible for special education services that are tailored to meet their educational needs. Importantly, these services are offered to eligible children at no cost to their families.

The inclusion of specific groups highlights the district's dedication to reaching all children, including those facing unique circumstances. Here are some key points:

  1. Highly Mobile Children: This refers to children whose families frequently move due to various reasons. The district is committed to ensuring that even highly mobile children are identified and evaluated for potential disabilities and, if eligible, provided with appropriate special education services.

  2. Migrant Children: The district is extending its efforts to include children from migrant families. Migrant children, who often move due to their parents' work in agriculture or related fields, are also within the scope of the district's identification and evaluation process.

  3. Children Experiencing Homelessness: Homeless children face unique challenges, and the district aims to identify and support these children in accessing special education services.

  4. Children Wards of the State: Children under the care of the state, such as those in foster care or other state custody, are included in the district's efforts. This recognizes the need to provide support for children who may have additional challenges due to their living situation.

  5. Children Attending Private Schools within DNCUSD Boundaries: The district is extending its reach to children attending private schools located within its boundaries, regardless of where these children reside. This inclusive approach ensures that all eligible children, irrespective of their school type or residence, are considered for special education services.

In summary, the Del Norte County Unified School District is actively working to ensure that no child with a potential disability is left unidentified or without access to the special education services they may require. This commitment encompasses diverse situations, reflecting the district's dedication to inclusivity and support for all students.