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What is Special Education

The district is committed to catering to the diverse needs of students by offering a complete range of services for those with intensive needs. Specifically, District Special Day Class programs have been designed to address the educational requirements of students facing challenges such as delayed cognitive abilities, autism, emotional disturbance, severe language delays, and physical disabilities. These programs aim to enhance various aspects of the students' development, including academic, social, emotional, communication, pre-vocational, vocational, and functional life skills. The focus is on fostering holistic growth within the educational environment.

Furthermore, the district is dedicated to identifying and assessing all children with disabilities, irrespective of their living situations, whether they are homeless, wards of the state, or enrolled in public or private schools. The district has established policies that guide the procedures for identification and referral of students with special needs. This ensures a systematic approach to recognizing and addressing the unique requirements of each student.

Importantly, students identified with special needs are entitled to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment. This commitment aligns with legal provisions such as EC48853, 56020, 56301; 5 CCR 4622; 20 USC 1412, (10) (A) (ii), 1412(a) (6) (A); 34CFR 300.121. These regulations underscore the district's commitment to providing quality education tailored to the individual needs of students with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in the learning environment.