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    How can we support you?

    Q- Where can I find out information about nutrition meal services during virtual learning? 

    Answer: Check out the left side bar on this page and you will find the link to the meal delivery schedule or click here

    Technology Questions-  

    Do you need help logging into your child's student email account? <--Click here

    Do you need help with Google Classroom? Check out our district family resources page! <-- Click here

    Answer: Click on the links provided or you can also call our parent help line at 464-7005 or email: parenthelp@dnusd.org

    Q- How do I contact my child's teacher?

    Answer: Visit our Staff Directory page, located under the "Our School" Tab or click here 

    Q- How will my child log into their Zoom class periods?

    Answer: Your child's Zoom links will be located in their Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Classroom. If you need help supporting your child to log in to their student Gmail account, please visit the first technology question above for Gmail log in directions.

    Q- What time does school start everyday?

    Answer: 9:00 AM Advisory class

    Q- Where can I find the school schedules?

    Answer: Visit our Daily Schedule page, located under the "Our School" Tab or click here

    Q- How will I know my student's schedule?

    Answer: You can access your students schedule in their Aeries portal (click here), it has been mailed home, or call the school for confirmation.

    Q- Where can I find the Back to School Webinar?

    Answer: It is located on our Facebook page or you can click here 

    Still have a question? Fill out this question form (click here) or call the school at 464-0320, Monday through Friday 8:00-3:00. 

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