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    Volumes of data are generated from the daily activity in our schools, and all these data are only as useful as our ability to understand them.  The pages that follow offer insights into student topics based on publicly available data. 

    Our Goals

    • To create an accessible, easy to understand view of important data points
    • To support conversations that are factual and data-driven
    • To inspire creativity and ideas for other kinds of data visualizations that would offer insight
    • To guide discovery and meaning from the numbers

    Why are we using Data Visualizations?

    • Explorability - these visuals give you an opportunity to analyze the data using different kinds of filters, different lenses you can use to view the data, dynamically.
    • Accessibility - these visuals are public and easy to use
    • Sustainability - we are buiding data systems behind these interactive visualizations that enable us to explore data over time

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