• In the event that the Del Norte Teachers Association notifies Del Norte Unified School District of an impending strike, information, and FAQs for parents will be posted here. We have yet to post extensive information but will if need be.

    Parents and families have been asking site and district employees about how they would be notified if a teacher strike occurred. In the event of a strike, as with any other school emergency, parents and families will be notified and information will be available through a variety of outlets and media sources. At this time, the School Board has yet to be officially notified of a strike by DNTA. If that happens, we will post additional information and FAQs for parents.

    Basic information regarding strike:

    -The District must impose their Last, Best, and Final offer prior to a strike taking place

    -The District must be informed of a strike 3 business days in advance

    -School will remain open in the event of a strike

    -Food and Transportation services will fully function to students attending school in the event of a strike