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    WorkAbility I Program (WAI) 

    WorkAbility I (WAI) offers students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), who are enrolled in high school grades 9-12+, the opportunity to complete their high school education while obtaining marketable job skills. WorkAbility I provides students with job-seeking & job-keeping skills. Students' employability improves through occupational class training, work-based learning experiences, and paid work experiences.

    To be considered eligible for WorkAbility I services, a student must:

    • Be 14-21 years old & enrolled in a high school education program.
    • Have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place.

    Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

    Transition Partnership Program DOR Student Services are available to all students with disabilities, 504 plans, and IEPs. Through these services and ongoing collaborations with schools, regional centers, Americas Job Center of California, and local businesses. DOR seeks to maximize student success in transitioning from high school to higher education, employment, independence, and economic self-sufficiency. 

    To be considered eligible for TPP student services, a student must:

    • Be 16-21 years old & enrolled in a high school education program.
    • Struggle with learning, physical, and/or emotional/social health issues.* Please see the chart below.
    • Meet eligibility requirements defined by the Department of Rehabilitation. 

    Program Benefits

    Work-Based Learning Experiences: Paid work experiences, internships (paid or unpaid), apprenticeships (informal), job shadowing, mentoring opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and on-the-job training. 

    Job Exploration Counseling: Career assessments, learning about local career pathways, understanding jobs/industries that are “in demand,” exploring self-employment, supported employment, and non-traditional jobs.

    Workplace Readiness Training: Practice interviewing, strengthen communication & social skills needed for work, understand employer expectations, transportation training & assistance, money management, how to search & apply for jobs 

    Self Advocacy Training: Understanding workplace rights & responsibilities, how to request accommodation & support if needed. Practice communicating thoughts, needs, and concerns in the workplace.

    Post-Secondary Counseling: Discover the classes or credentials needed for the career you want & the schools or programs that provide them; identify options to pay for school; get support in completing financial aid application (FAFSA); and, Identify resources & support services for school success. 






    Community Partners

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  • 1301 El Dorado St. Crescent City, Ca 95531
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