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    DNHS Tiny Home Auction Information

    Starting Bid: $45,000
    Auction Timeline:
    ● June 2nd, Noon: The auction begins with a sealed bidding phase. Sealed bids are
    accepted until June 9th at 11 AM.
    ● June 3rd and 4th, Noon to 3: Open house tours of the Tiny Home available at Del
    Norte High● June 9th, 11 AM to Noon: Live auction phase. Sealed bids must be submitted
    before the live auction.
    ○ The highest sealed bid will be used as the starting bid for the live auction.
    ○ Live auction location: District Office at 301 W Washington Blvd.
    ○ Participants can attend the live auction in person or through Zoom using
    the following link:

    After the Auction:
    ● The highest bidder from either bidding phase will be selected as the buyer of the
    Tiny Home.
    ● The buyer must secure payment with a Money Order or Cashier's check within 24
    house of the live auction.
    ● The buyer is responsible for transporting the Tiny Home off District Property
    within seven days of purchase.

    Bidding during the Silent Auction (Sealed Bidding) Phase (June 2nd, Noon):
    ● Participants must fill out a Buyer's Sheet and a Bid Sheet.
    ● Buyer's Sheet:
    ● Bid Sheet:
    ● Bids can be delivered via mail, FedEx, or in person to the Assistant
    Superintendent of Business at 301 W. Washington Blvd, Crescent City, CA.

    Live Auction Phase (June 9th, 11 AM):
    ● Participants must have submitted a Buyer's Sheet to the Assistant
    Superintendent at the District Office.
    ● Buyer's Sheet:
    ● Attend the live auction through Zoom using the provided link:
    ● In-person attendance is possible at 301 W Washington Blvd.

    Participants have the opportunity to bid during both phases of the auction, which
    include the sealed bidding phase and the live auction. This means that individuals can
    submit a sealed bid during the specified timeframe and participate in the live auction on
    June 9th at 11 AM.

    For more information call 707-464-0200
    Or email Assistant Superintendent of Business, Jeff Napier, at jnapier@dnusd.org