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  • Empowering Students to Succeed and Thrive 

  • The Del Norte County Unified School District proudly supports the implementation of the school-based health alliance which strives to benefit students by working to improve their overall well-being. By offering an integrative approach that includes mental health services and, eventually, health services, we fully support our students by meeting their needs right on campus.

    We are working to implement three Wellness Centers that are located at Crescent Elk Middle School, Del Norte High School, and Sunset High School. We will also offer a fully staffed mobile mental health services van that will serve more geographically isolated schools.

    Mental health services have become essential for our youth and their families. Through these services, our students can address mental health needs promptly in the familiar setting of the school. We offer a range of resources to support students and families in facing challenges through prevention, early-intervention, and education.


  • Who are your Wellness Staff?

    Learn about how each member of our team helps promote student wellness in our schools


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  • What Services do we Provide?

  • Del Norte Wellness Center

    The Del Norte Wellness Centers offer a range of resources and services that students, families, and staff can access virtually. Wellness Centers are located at the Del Norte High School, Sunset School, and Crescent Elk Middle School campuses.

  • Virtual Wellness Center

    Please visit our virtual Wellness Center. The Virtual Wellness Center was designed to support the well-being of staff, students, and parents as well as connect them to calming activities/tools to promote health and wellness. It is a safe space to access support, take a break, rest and refocus.

  • Staff Training Opportunities

    We offer several training opportunities for our staff that prepare them to assist students with their mental health needs.

  • Community Resource

    There are community resources available to youth that offer a variety of supports such as the Coastal Connections Youth Center!

    Check the calendar at the bottom of this page to see what activities they offer this month!

  • Our Wellness Centers at Crescent Elk Middle School, Del Norte High School, and Sunset High School will offer in-person and telehealth appointments for our students who are seeking more intensive mental health support.

    Students will be able to self-refer for individual sessions and attend group sessions when offered. Teachers and counselors will have the ability to refer students to the Wellness Centers as well. 



  • Useful Links

  • Wellness Center Staff Referral
  • Virtual Wellness Center
  • Mobile Wellness Center
  • California Department of Education: Project Cal-Well
  • MHSOAC: MHSSA Mental Health Student Services Act
  • SBHIP: Student Behavioral Health Incentive Program
  • SAMHSA: Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT)
  • CalHOPE


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