Last operational update from California Interagency Incident Management Team 15

  • OES update as of 8:00 pm 08/29/2023



  • Fire Updates & Evacuation Levels: 8:00 pm 08/29/2023

    🚨SPECIAL BULLETIN 🚨: Gasquet Evacuation level change to level 2 @ 12 pm today, 8/31/23
    The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department, in collaboration with the Del Norte County Office of Emergency Services and Southwest Incident Management Team 2, have lowered the evacuation level in Gasquet from Pioneer Road, south to Slant Bridge Road, to level 2. Repopulation of the Gasquet community only will begin today, August 31st, at 12:00 noon.
    Firefighting crews will be actively working throughout the community and on all local roads. Please give firefighting crews plenty of space to allow them to do the work that is necessary to ensure the safety of Gasquet and its residents. As local roads will be very active with firefighters and firefighting apparatus, especially between the hours of 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM. We strongly urge residents to stay at home unless there is an urgent need or medical emergency to venture outdoors.
    Residents are highly encouraged to remain vigilant as the evacuation level could be raised again if fire activity and conditions warrant such changes. All county roads will remain closed and at a level 3. Highway 199 remains closed north of Pioneer Road. Additionally, Rowdy Creek Road remains closed at the top of Low Divide. The forward operating base at Gasquet will remain in place with essential firefighting personnel who will continue to engage the fire and protect the community of Gasquet.
    Governor Newsom has proclaimed a State of Emergency for Del Norte County.
    The Smith River Complex Fire is currently 75,775 acres. 7% containment. Over 2700 personnel fighting these fires.

    If you received Calfresh benefits for the month of August, 2023 and lost perishable food items due to the current Smith River Complex fire, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services at 880 Northcrest Drive, Crescent City, or call 707-464-3191 to check for eligibility for replacement of lost Calfresh benefits.

    The start of school is postponed to 09/05/2023 due to fires. More information will be provided soon at


    Evacuation Updates: Current evacuation levels as of 8/29/23 @ 8 pm:
    LEVEL 3 From Slant Bridge to the Oregon border (including Gasquet, Patrick Creek, Little Jones Creek, Copper Creek Drainage, Cook Creek/16n19 17n07, Washington Flat, Pioneer Rd, Panther Flat Campground area, Sun Star Community, French Hill Road.

    LEVEL 2 (GET SET) – Rowdy Creek Road from MM 3 (from Hwy 101) to MM 6, Rock Creek, Big Flat. (For Clarification, this does include the Boulder Creek, Paradise Flat and surrounding communities near Rock Creek) and LOW DIVIDE ROAD, from MM 1 to MM 13 (intersection of Low Divide Road and Rowdy Creek) This was previously a Level 3.
    LEVEL 1 (BE READY) Hiouchi from Slant Bridge to east end of Hwy 197/North Bank Rd.


    Currently, the CHP is unsure when hwy 199 will re-open safely. Watch for updates on the CHP Facebook page and listen to local radio stations.



    Caltrans has been busy clearing the highway of trees and other debris. CHP number one priority is safety and they will be monitoring the fires and ensuring the roadways are safe for travel.

    Access to South Fork Road, Douglas Park and Howland Hill Rd is limited to residents only. This action is to insure incident safety as fire personnel work in the area. This area of the forest is closed for all activities, including hunting, by Order 10-23-06 issued by the Forest Supervisor for the Six Rivers National Forest.

    Hwy 199 is closed near Shady Lane, except for residents – currently, you can get through with proof of residence. See other road closures under evacuation status.

    Air Quality Updates:
    As smoky conditions continue throughout Del Norte County as a result of the Smith River Complex Fire, Public Health
    officials advise residents to take precautions and avoid voluntary outdoor activities when the Air Quality Index (AQI) becomes unhealthy or worse.

    You can check current air quality conditions at or at For public health messages, you can find up-to-date information at the Del Norte County Public Health Facebook page.
    Due to poor air quality, the Office of Emergency Services established 2 Clean Air Shelters on 8/26/23:
    Hiouchi Community Fellowship
    105 Sunkist Lane, Crescent City (Hiouchi), 95531
    8/29/23 Open 8 am – 8 pm
    8/30-9/1/23 – Open 8 am – 5 pm
    Family Resource Center of the Redwoods
    494 Pacific Ave, Crescent City, CA 95531
    8/29 to 9/1/23 – Open 8 am – 8 pm
    Coffee, water, snacks, and N95 masks are available at each location. Dates and times are subject to change based on the community's needs.
    N-95 MASKS:
    During times of air quality risk, its advised to stay in side and wear a N-95 mask should you need to be outside. Thanks to the DNUSD, N-95 masks are being made available to local businesses. You can pick up a small supply at the Chamber of Commerce office while supplies last.

    The following recommendations can protect resident during smoke exposure:
    • Stay indoors as much as possible. Keep doors and windows closed. Run an air condition if you have one, with
      fresh-air intake closed. It is recommended to utilize a HEPA filter on you air condition if the unit can
      accommodate it.
    • Limit physical activity. Engaging in outdoor physical activities especially rigorous exercises, can lead to increase
    • Avoid using swamp coolers or whole house fans in smoky conditions. These types of cooling systems will draw air from the outside into your home, causing pollutants to enter your household.
    • Do not add to indoor pollutants by using candles, fireplaces or gas stoves. Do not fry foods. Do not vacuum because it may stir up particles already inside your home. Refrain from smoking.
    • Consider using N95 masks if you need to be outdoors to decrease your exposure.
    • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to help keep your airways moist, which will reduce symptoms of respiratory irritation. Do not increase your water intake without first speaking to your provider if you have been told to limit the amount you drink or are currently taking water pills (diuretics).
    • Monitor symptoms and if you experience symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain, or other discomfort, seek medical attention.
    People exposed to smoky conditions who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems should follow their provider’s treatment plan or contact their healthcare providers if symptoms are exacerbated.
    Children, older adults, pregnant women, individuals with chronic health conditions such as heart or lung disease (including asthma and diabetes), and those at high risk (including outdoor workers and those experiencing homelessness) are at increased risk of complications from exposure.
    Your health and wellbeing are important to us. Please stay informed about current AQI levels. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Del Norte County Public Health at 707-464-0861.

    POWER/INTERNET UPDATE: August 29, 2023 8:00 pm

    All power in the county has been restored with the exception of Gasquet & Patrick Creek areas that are still evacuated. Pacific Power has mobilized their large generators into Gasquet so that when it is safe to do so, they can start the process of re-energizing the community. The Office of Emergency Services is working with the Sheriff to coordinate when that time will be and the process in which Gasquet will move from an Evacuation Level 3 so that they can re-populate. Due to damage, Pacific Power will need to make some repairs before restoring power to Patrick Creek residents. However, there is a plan to provide residential generators to those customers during this time until the substation can safely be powered. As you can imagine, a lot of coordination will take place in the coming days and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

    Generator power can sometimes fluctuate so prepare on the safe side of caution as to how much food you purchase until we are back to full power from the Pacific Power transmission lines.

    Pacific Power Customer Service: (888)-221-7070.

    Many people have asked if there is assistance for generator fuel costs and spoiled food. What we know now is that your home insurance policy could be a source, but you would need to speak to your insurance carrier.
    SPECTRUM: Spectrum has doubled their staff to assist with restoring internet service. They have brought in 24 additional generators to power their infrastructure. Their current goal is to restore internet service soon after your power has been restored.

    South Fork Road will be closed from August 20 to September 18 due to directives from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department and Six Rivers National Forest. Residents are required to show proof of residency at the entrance. Forest access, including hunting, is strictly prohibited, and violations may lead to citations.

    WATER: The water at Church Tree and National Park Roads is now officially okay to drink/use for cooking. All other City water and sewer services are not affected. Currently, if you have any concerns about the elevated water tank on Hwy 101 near Wonderstump Road overflowing, this is normal during a power outage. This does not need to be reported.
    City Water and Wastewater facilities are working.
    Big Rock Water District water supply is safe and functional. Water is pulled from 60 feet below the river and naturally filtered.
    THERE IS NO PLAN TO TURN OFF CITY WATER. However, during a disaster its best to conserve water.

    RV Dumping at the fairgrounds is now available to EVACUEES ONLY. Go past CVS and towards the north ticket booth. We are working on an alternative site for the public.
    Evacuees - If you are staying in your RV at the fairgrounds, this is permittable. However, boats, extra trailers, ATV’s, etc. cannot be stored there. Please arrange for your own storage. OES has communicated with Hambro, located on Elk Valley Rd. – they have secure storage, for a fee. Call 707-218-5632.
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