Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PBIS is a wonderful program that proactively addresses behavioral and cultural needs of students in order to achieve social and emotional wellness and academic success. We work with students to set clear and easily followed and well-understood guidelines intended for leading students down the path of advancement.


1. Clear Expectations:

Matrix for Schools - Blank Form

2. Explicit Teaching:

Lesson Plan Master (Revised 5-1-2012)

Queen Anne Rule Song

3.  Acknowledgment System:

Incentives - Elementary

Incentives - Middle School

Self Manager Evaluation

4. Correction System:

Responding to Behavior Flowchart

Problem Solving Worksheet

Behavior Contract

Buddy Classroom Protocol, Lafayette

Behavior Scenarios for Calibration

Rules School Protocol


5. Data System

Data - Questions & Information

Team Implementation Checklist v. 3.1

Using Discipline Referral Data for Decision Making

Fort Bragg Middle School Tracking Form

Completing the Behavior Tracking Form - Scenarios

CICO-SWIS Readiness Checklist

Working Smarter Matrix

6.  Classroom System

Setting Up Classroom Expectations - 2015



Other PBIS Forms:

PBIS Pre-Implementation Task Checklist

End-of-Year Checklist, PBIS Tier 1

PBIS Hand Out for Staff

Assessment Intervention Pyramid Worksheet

Relationship-Building Strategies

Team Notebook Contents 2013

Team Action Planning Form example

PBIS Team Annual Calendar w/examples

PBIS Staff Kick-Off Agenda

Generic PBIS Team Meeting Agenda

Sample PBIS Staff Handbook

Interview Questions - Hiring New Employees

PBIS Handout for Families Sample from Truman School

PBIS Handout for Families Sample from Curtis Strange


Other Resources:

Dr. Dale's website

Technical Assistance Center on PBIS


Research Articles

Pediatrics - Out-of-School Suspension and Expulsion

Zero Tolerance: The School Woodshed from Education Weekly Commentary - June 11, 2008

Zero Tolerance Task Force Report - Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools?

Personal Best - The New Yorker

Rewarded by Punishment: Reflections on the Disuse of Positive Reinforcement in Schools

Translating Research into Effective Practice: The Effects of a Universal Staff and Student Intervention on Indicators of Discipline and School Safety

The Dark Side of Zero Tolerance: Can Punishment Lead to Safe Schools?

Zero Tolerance and Alternative Strategies: A Fact Sheet for Educators and Policymakers

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