• Gasquet Mountain School 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Recording


    Congratulations 8th Graders! Your promotion ceremony video can be found at the link below:


    Mountain Graduation Recorded Livestream


    If you have any issues accessing the video, please email


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  • Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Registration


    If you have a child who will be entering transitional kindergarten or kindergarten in August, we would like to encourage you to enroll them as soon as possible.  We are creating new TK spaces, arranging kindergarten rooms, and working to staff kindergarten classes next year, and we want to make sure that we are planning the best programs possible.  To register your child, you can contact any of our schools or the district office for more information.


    For contact information on all of our schools, please visit

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  • 2022 Steam Fair


    Steam Fair, May 14th at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds Main Building, 10:00am to 2:00pm

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  • Highway 199 Re-Opens to One Way Traffic

    We just received an update from the California Highway Patrol stating that Highway 199 is now open to one-way traffic. School buses are on their way to Gasquet to bring students home from in-town schools and after that will pick students up from Mountain School to be bused home. Traffic wait times are currently unknown, should there be excessive delays, we will let you know.  If you have any questions please feel free to call (707) 457-3211 or email


    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  • Highway 199 Collision Causes Road Closures Update #2 - 4/28/2022 @ 2:35 PM


    Both directions of traffic remain closed on HWY 199, and will not re-open in time for Mountain School’s usual dismissal time. Currently, there is no estimated time for the roads to open back up.


    The Mountain School afterschool program will remain open this afternoon for students who are unable to go home due to the collision on Highway 199. Students that remain at school will be fed and cared for until the roads open back up. After Highway 199 has re-opened, students will be transported back to town by bus.


    Our student's health and safety are our top priority, and if you have any questions or concerns please contact (707) 457-3211 or email


    Thank you

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  • Highway 199 Collision Causes Road Closures - 4/28/2022 @ 12:21 PM


    Today, at approximately 10:45 AM, a collision occurred on Highway 199 near Hardscrabble Creek causing both directions of traffic to be stopped while Caltrans clears the road. We have just received a report by the California Highway Patrol that due to the severity of the accident, there is no current estimated time for the road to be cleared. We are continuing to work with Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol and will provide additional information as it becomes available.


    If at any point it becomes clear that this accident will interrupt the ability for buses and/or parents to travel to and from Mountain School by the time school is dismissed we will let you know immediately. 


    If you have any questions please call the Mountain school office at (707) 457-3211 or email

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  • The Angst: Building Resilience program is a film-based mental health support program endorsed by educators, psychiatrists and mental health advocates. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts and parents. The film and corresponding materials provide tools, resources, and above all, hope. This is intended for 6th through 12th grade students. 



    To visit the Angst: Building Resilience site and to view the video, click the link below.


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  • DNUSD Board of Trustees Takes Action To Re-Align Masking Enforcement 2-24-2022

    Over the past two years, the Board has continually sought ways to ensure that students could participate in their education in-person to the fullest extent possible. On February 24, 2022, the Board of Trustees voted 3-2 in favor of directing staff to shift the enforcement of mask mandates from exclusion to education to further ensure that students remain in class and receive instruction from their teachers.  The Board continues to build on the message that they sent to state leaders in November- that goals are better served by education than compulsion.

    This shift in the enforcement process is consistent with the flexibility found in K-12 guidance, which allows districts to create enforcement processes that reflect local needs and that respond to changing circumstances, such as the recent changes by the state to allow group tracing without isolation, to shorten quarantine times, and to lift outdoor mask mandates for students and staff. 

    The updated enforcement process will begin on Monday, February 28, and will be implemented as follows:

    • Signage will be posted on all entries at each campus to remind students, staff, families, and the community of the ongoing requirement to wear face coverings indoors.  This guidance will be revised as the State updates mask guidance.
    • If a student arrives at school without a face covering, a mask will be offered to the student.
    • If a student refuses to wear a mask indoors at a school, the school principal will notify parents/guardians, in writing, and remind them of the mandate.
    • No student shall be excluded from class due to refusal to wear a mask.
    • No student shall be disciplined for refusal to wear a mask.

    The Board will continue to work with staff, families, and community partners as our schools, our community, and our state continue our journey back to normalcy.

    To review State and Local COVID-19 guidance documentation, please visit

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  • Board Meeting 2-24-2022 | Masking in Schools

    On Monday, February 14, a member of the community requested that the Board agendize a discussion regarding the elimination of masks for students in the classroom and that the Board consider a resolution formalizing their decision. This request followed a decision on February 10 by the Roseville Joint Union High School District to eliminate universal masking for students and staff.
    On Thursday, February 17, Board representatives met to set their agenda for the Board meeting this Thursday. As a result of the request, agenda item 14.C. was added, along with the attached sample resolution, which is based on the resolution passed by the Roseville Board of Trustees. The sample resolution calls for a shift in masking enforcement to include a reminder to students to mask, providing masks for those who want them, and no longer placing students who do not mask in an alternative setting.
    The Board will discuss the issue and hold public comment on continued masking of students and on the resolution on Thursday night. Currently, CDPH continues to require student and staff masking indoors in K-12 school settings, but this may change in the near future, as CDPH is set to announce updated masking guidance on Monday, February 28.
    To be clear, the Board is not obligated to adopt the sample resolution and may choose not to adopt it. They may, however, choose to adopt it or may choose to make changes, then adopt it. They may also choose to postpone any decision and wait for the State to announce any masking changes on Monday, February 28.
    I’d ask you to read the attached sample resolution and encourage you to attend the Board meeting, either in person or virtually, and to participate in public comment. If you’re not able to attend but would like to provide input to the Board, I encourage you to do so. You can find Board member contact information at
    Information regarding the Board agenda can be found at
    Date: 2/24/2024
    DNUSD Board Meeting Closed Session:
    4:00 PM
    DNUSD Board Meeting Open Session:
    4:30 PM

    DNUSD & DNCOE Board Meeting Zoom link:

    In order to participate in public comment, follow these instructions:

    The board meeting agenda can be viewed at:

    Facebook live-stream:

    Thank you
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  • SAEBRS Screener Information for Families

    DNUSD is committed to supporting every student’s academic growth as well as their social, emotional and behavioral growth. Part of our shared goals for Del Norte students is for them to be able to regulate their emotions, develop positive relationships and make responsible decisions. As part of this process all students in 2nd-12th grade will be completing a screener in this winter and spring called the SAEBRS or Social, Academic, Emotional, Behaviors Risk Screener. The screener will ask students a total of 20 questions. The student’s teacher will also complete the screener based on their observations of the students in their classrooms.  The information is kept confidential and will only be used by your child’s teacher, principal, school counselor, and designated district staff to determine instructional needs in the classroom and at the individual student level.  All information will remain confidential in keeping with the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.


    Here are the 20 questions being asked.

    Social Emotional Learning Questionnaire, Click the link below for more information


    Please contact Lisa Howard, program specialist, at or call the school district at 464-0240 with any questions you may have.  You can also visit:


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  • Mountain School's newest newsletter has arrived!

    Click the image below to view the full newsletter.


    Mountain Elementary School Newsletter. Click this image to be redirected to full newsletter

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  • Hello, and Happy New Year!

    I just wanted to remind you about our fun Saturday STEM day this weekend January 8th. We have two fabulous teachers, Ms. Becker and Dr. Stinsolotti who are ready to do STEM projects with the kids. It's from 9am-12pm. There will not be any bus service, but breakfast will be served. Please let the office know by this Wednesday if you would like your child to attend, or if you have any other questions.  Our number is 707-457-3211. Thank you!

    --Mrs. Marshall





    Saturday School poster, Starts January 8th from 9:00am to 12:00pm, contact the office by January 5th

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  • Attendance makes a difference!
    For the first 20 days of school, if your student attends the full day at Mountain Elementary, their name will be entered into a drawing for gift cards. Each classroom will have one name drawn each day. The gift cards are from Dutch Bros and the Gasquet Market.


    Attendance Makes a Difference

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  • Student Close Contacts: School Settings only



    Student Close Contacts School Settings Only

    To see the infographic full size, click the image

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  • Download the DNUSD mobile app for instant updates on the COVID-19 crisis and your student's education at

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