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Crescent Elk's Community Report

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Hello Crescent Elk Families,


It is my pleasure to be a part of the amazing Crescent Elk Middle School staff who are here serving your children.  We are happy to be here and we look forward to a year of exciting learning, curiosity, exploration, and growth.

We would love to have parents participate in any way they can as part of their child's educational experience.  Children are more successful if their parents work as a team with the school. Please get involved in any way you can.  We can work together to make this a great year for your students.

We will be sending out information through newsletters, phone calls on our auto-dialer system, notes home, Twitter, Facebook, Remind App, Instagram and our school website which is  It is important that we have your most recent home address and phone numbers on file in order to be sure you are kept informed. Please make sure you let the office know if there are any changes.


Rules for behavior are important, but at Crescent Elk Middle School, expectations for positive behavior are more important.  Our positive behavior expectation program focuses on teaching and rewarding students for meeting and exceeding expectations. Our "Expectations Matrix" focuses on three main areas: Be Safe, Be respectful and Be Responsible.  The program involves all staff, students, students' families, and the community in recognizing and honoring students for positive choices. As a rule, discipline is the final resort when dealing with misbehavior. The staff of Crescent Elk Middle School makes every effort to ensure that each student hears and understands the site and District's expectations and the legal requirements placed upon them by the state.  It is also important to remember that in some circumstances the site administration must use professional discretion in assigning discipline, rather than rigid matrices or guidelines.



The function of a middle school in any system is to provide a transition between elementary and high school.  Keeping that in mind, Crescent Elk Middle School offers a transition plan to help students move from self-contained classes to a period-based schedule.  

In 7th grade, students have the following daily instructional classes:

  • Advisory 
  • English: One or two periods (depending on need)
  • History
  • Math: One or two periods (depending on need)
  • Science: One period
  • Physical Education: One period
  • Elective (Mandatory or Selected): One period
  • Intervention/Enrichment 

In 8th grade, students attend the following classes:

  • English/Language Arts: One or two periods (depending on need)
  • Math: One or two periods (depending on need)
  • Science: One period
  • History: One period
  • Physical Education: One period
  • Elective (Mandatory or Selected): One period. 
  • Intervention/Enrichment