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Suicide Prevention Month & Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength’s mission is “to provide the highest quality
evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and
substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both
peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the
power of connection, hope, help, and strength.”
Sunset High School’s Peer Leaders stand out as exemplary youth
in our community. They are being called upon to co-facilitate
training for groups of dozens of adults. Our Peer Leaders are
serving as mentors for middle school peer leaders as they initiate
Sources of Strength programs at other DNUSD schools. Schools
are lining up to have Sources of Strength Peer Leaders from
Sunset High School brings the program to their schools and
continues to spread the power of connection, hope, help, and
strength. Sources of Strength has empowered our students to be
resilient, strong leaders in our larger community.
For more information please call 707-464-0380 and ask for Kelly Troyna


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