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Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Lifelong Learning - Coffee & Conversation Podcast: Episode #108

Join us in this exciting episode of the Coffee & Conversation Podcast, where our host, Jeff Harris, welcomes an extraordinary guest for the first time on our show. We are thrilled to have Ryan Lufkin, the Vice President of Global Strategy at Instructure, as our special guest.

In this episode, we delve into educational innovation with Instructure, the creators of Canvas – a leading educational software and a pivotal component of education in Del Norte Schools. Ryan shares insights into how Instructure is revolutionizing teaching and learning. We discuss the importance of a growth mindset in educators and students and how it fosters lifelong learning.

Discover how Canvas empowers educators by saving them time, personalizing learning experiences to meet students' needs, and simplifying complex administrative tasks. This conversation is about the technical aspects of educational tools and the transformative educational concepts that drive them.

Tune in to this episode of Coffee & Conversation and be a part of a discussion that's shaping the future of education, nurturing a generation of lifelong learners, and fostering an environment of continuous growth and learning.

Jeff Harris - Superintendent of Schools

Ryan Lufkin - Vice President of Global Strategy of Instructure

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