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DNTA Negotiations Update - Feb 2020

February 19th, 2020

Negotiations continue between DNUSD and DNTA having met six times over the last month in an attempt to reach an agreement. The proposals released by Joint Communiques during this time can be viewed at the following link: Click here to visit negotiations proposals


Summary of February Negotiations:


Feb 3 - District Proposal #6 - 3-year mirroring Fact-Finder’s report

Joint Communique: The teams met this afternoon. The District shared Proposal #6 which is attached. This proposal mirrors the fact finder’s multi-year recommendation. This proposal was unacceptable to DNTA as it did not grant an adequate increase in salary for 2019-20. In addition, DNTA is not interested in a multi-year agreement given the uncertainty about increases in health and welfare costs going forward. No Tentative Agreement was reached. The teams scheduled dates to begin meeting for 2020-21 contract negotiations in March. 


Feb 5 - 

Joint Communique:  

  • CSEA and the District teams met to continue discussions on Catastrophic Leave. The teams are close to agreement on this article. There was additional discussion around Article 13, Leaves.
  • CSEA will reach out to preschool teachers to collect more information on DRDP and the implementation of a new electronic assessment tool. 
  • CSEA provided a counter financial proposal for the District’s review. 
  • The District financial proposal was a 2% salary schedule increase effective July 1, 2019.
  • CSEA Financial Counter Proposal:
    • 3.5% increase to classified salary schedule effective July 1, 2019
    • $250 added to the District contribution toward health and welfare cap effective July 1, 2019

Teams will be meeting again by February 18th.


Feb 10 - DNTA Proposal #6

Joint Communique:

The teams met this afternoon. DNTA shared Proposal #6 which is attached and the teams discussed it. Today’s bargaining session was only scheduled for 1 hour and both teams needed to leave to attend the special School Board Meeting. The teams will reconvene tomorrow at 4 pm.


Feb 11 - District Proposal #7

Joint Communique:

The teams met this evening. DNUSD shared Proposal #7 which is attached. The teams will be scheduling another meeting shortly. 


Feb 19 - DNTA Proposal #7   &    District Proposal #8

Joint Communique:

The teams met this evening. DNTA shared Proposal #7 which is attached. DNUSD countered with their Proposal #8. No tentative agreement was reached. The teams are scheduled to meet on March 5 to continue negotiations for the 2019-20 contract and begin negotiations for the 2020-21 contract.