During the Wednesday webinar on 12/2/20, Superintendent Jeff Harris had a discussion with Del Norte County Public Health Officer, Dr. Warren Rehwaldt, regarding current and future testing opportunities within Del Norte County.  Testing by Verily is currently available through public health at two locations, the Crescent City Cultural Center and the Holiday Inn Express/Redwood Hotel in Klamath.  Testing at these sites is for those ages 13 and older.  Testing is by appointment only.  The Cultural Center is open for testing on Monday and Tuesday, and the hotel location is open on Wednesday.  For more information, or to make an appointment, please visit  Additional testing is available at Sutter Coast Urgent Care Clinic, CVS Pharmacy, and through other healthcare providers.

Del Norte County Public Health is also working closely with Humboldt County Public Health to expand testing availability through our two counties.  Testing will be done by United Indian Health Services (UIHS) and is expected to be in place by mid-December.  In October, Dr. Rehwaldt reached out to Del Norte Unified and asked if we could assist this effort by providing a location at a few schools for testing.  We have been working with the County of Del Norte to ensure that testing is done after students leave for the regular school day, that testing is walk up or drive up, that testing is done outside of spaces used by students and staff, that UIHS staff disinfects any district facility that is used by UIHS staff, and that those seeking testing do not travel through the school site.

All testing will be done between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and no testing will occur within the school building or near students or staff.  The tentative testing schedule is:

Monday- Crescent Elk

Tuesday- Margaret Keating

Wednesday- Redwood

Friday- Smith River

Sunday- Mountain School


This increased testing will be available to the community, and more information, including a final schedule, will be provided by the Public Health Officer when the sites are open for testing. 

Please note that contrary to information being placed on social media, testing is not being provided by the District, administered by the District, or mandated by the District, nor is the District receiving any compensation for allowing UIHS and Del Norte Public Health to use the agreed-upon locations.