Superintendent's Message to the Community 12-15-2020

Superintendent's Message to the Community 12-15-2020

Superintendent Jeff Harris has a special message for the community.

-This year winter break is from December 21st to January 1st, and all students will return to school as they currently are on January 4.

-On December 10, the Board of Trustees adopted the Del Norte High School in-person expansion plan as proposed by Principal Alison Eckart. This plan was created with input by parents, students, and DNHS staff and details of the plan are still being finalized. The plan is scheduled to go into effect on January 25th, the first day of 2nd semester. The adopted plan and a summary of stakeholder input can be found along with this update. More detailed information on this plan will be released after Winter Break, so expect to hear from Principal Eckart.
Proposed Plans / Schedules -

-Over the next weeks and months, we also want you to be aware of a community-wide campaign with the words hands, face, space, and home.

-For families traveling or hosting family members from outside of our area, we encourage you to consider requesting an independent study contract that covers up to two weeks of in-person learning following your return to town or your guest's departure. This would still allow your child to participate with their teacher and other classmates virtually but would also allow time for families and students to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms or to be tested for COVID prior to returning to school.

-There are only three reasons that our schools would close - executive or public health order, staff or student infection rates within schools, or quarantines so widespread that we do not have enough staff to allow our schools to function.

-DNUSD is looking for subs, please call us at (707)464-6141 if you are interested

For more information on all of the steps you can take to help ensure that classrooms and schools remain open, please visit our website at or the California Department of Public Health at