Hands, Face, Space, and Home

Hands, Face, Space, and Home

Hi, my name is Angela Greenough and I am a member of the Board of Trustees for Del Norte Unified School District.  As we look forward to the holidays and beginning the next year, we need your help.  There are many perspectives on COVID-19 in our community, but together, we can work to help keep our schools, businesses, and community open. 


Regardless of your holiday plans, I ask that you remember the following steps that we can take to keep our schools, businesses, and our community open - Hands, face, space, and home.


Make sure to wash, wear your mask, physically distance, when necessary, and stay home if you’re sick or directed to by your healthcare provider or by your Public Health official.


Also, if you do travel out of the area or host visitors from out of the area and you have children in our schools, we ask that if possible keep your children home for 14 days after you travel or your guests leave.  You may request an independent study packet for any of the days of school your children missed, ask your teacher, or visit dnusd.org for more information.


It’s in everyone’s interest, working together, to help keep Del Norte Open.  Remember - Hands, Face Space, and Home.


This not forever, just for now.