Superintendent's Message to the Community 1-11-2021

Superintendent's Message to the Community 1-11-2021

We are continuing to plan, to work with staff, and to hire new staff as we move toward expanding the number of students at Del Norte High on January 25. As a side note, we are looking for qualified individuals to fill these and many other positions. If you are interested in working for the District, please call 464-6141 or visit our website for more information.
As I shared last week, we have begun discussing the administration of COVID vaccines for educational staff. It appears that we will be able to get vaccines to staff, beginning in February. We will continue to work with public health and our staff to get vaccines to staff as soon as possible.
On Friday, the Governor shared his preliminary budget proposal for the upcoming year. While there is good news, many questions still remain. We will host a special budget proposal overview, once we have had an opportunity to more fully understand the impact on our county.
Last week on our Weekly Wednesday Webinar we were joined by Alison Eckart who provided a brief update on the plan for expanding in-person learning at Del Norte High School. On the webinar we were also joined by Lisa Howard as she presented a new community resource called Connect Del Norte, which will help connect community members with support and services that are available locally, that can be found at At last week’s webinar Lisa also touched on the importance of attendance for students and the long-lasting impacts it has on their education. For more information on that, you can find the recordings of the weekly webinars at
Please remember, too, that, although our schools are open, we may have to close a class, a school, or the district if we see widespread positive cases of COVID. To avoid that, we are asking everyone to take universal precautions of handwashing, masking, and physical distancing, and staying home if you are sick.
For more information on all of the steps you can take to help ensure that classrooms and schools remain open, please visit our website at or the California Department of Public Health at