DNHS Sports & COVID-19 Testing

DNHS Sports & COVID-19 Testing 

Dear Del Norte Families,

We have been made aware that two members of the varsity football team tested positive for COVID-19.  Public health, through their contact tracing, determined that the team should be quarantined through March 23.  We have been asked why there was no testing available for our team so that we weren’t finding out about positive cases at the last minute.  While football requires a certain amount of testing in order for teams to compete, the Humboldt-Del Norte (HDN) League requirements as set by the CA Department of Public Health and local public health officials, only require that students are tested and have results 24 hours before competition.  Testing was scheduled for March 4 but was canceled following the updated testing guidance.  We arranged for testing again on March 12, for the purposes of competing in a scrimmage but canceled due to the elimination of the scrimmage.  We are currently working with Del Norte Public Health to provide antigen tests for all players and coaches and have also begun training our nurses so that our District can provide tests, as well.  If you would like for your child to participate in more frequent testing, CVS and private providers are providing testing, and the County now hosts OPTUMServe testing at the following locations and times:

Tuesday - Smith River, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Smith River Fire (Old Ray's Food Place) 

Wednesday – Klamath, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Holiday Inn Express

Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Crescent City, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Front Street Park at Kidstown

Register online at: https://lhi.care/covidtesting or Register by calling  (888) 634-1123

So what does that mean for our football season?  Bob Hadfield has been working with HDN to ensure that our team is able to play to the fullest extent possible this football season.  As a result, the varsity and junior varsity games scheduled for Friday, March 19, have been postponed to Friday, April 9. The junior varsity will also play Saturday, March 20 at Fortuna versus Eureka. For an updated schedule of athletics, please visit the DNHS website and visit the Athletics option under the Student Activities tab.  It’s also been asked if we will have enough practices to meet the CIF requirements to play.  Mr. Hadfield has been working with HDN to clarify this, as well.  In his conversations, our team has already conducted 9 team practices and with the ability to practice on March 24 and 25, will have a total of 11 team practices.  Due to the quarantine, our coach plans to conduct a minimum of 3 practice/strategy sessions via Zoom, for a total of 14 team practices.  Each player must attend at least 10 of the 14 team practices.   Meeting these requirements will not be a challenge, and we should still be ready to play our first game on March 26.

Our goal is for every athlete, in every grade, to be able to compete this year to the fullest extent possible.  We will continue to work with local public health and HDN to support our students as much as possible.  We ask all of you to continue to support our student-athletes by taking as many precautions as are necessary to ensure that exposure to COVID-19 is limited.  Remember- wash or sanitize your hands frequently, wear a face covering, physically distance, and stay or keep your child home if sick or symptomatic.