Superintendent's Message to the Community 3-29-2021

Superintendent's Message to the Community 3-29-2021 

Good afternoon,
Welcome to our regular Monday update, my name is Jeff Harris and I am the District & County Superintendent of schools.
A quick update, the last day for spring Parent-Teacher conferences for K-8 students is this Friday, April 2nd. If you have not been contacted to schedule a conference and you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher as soon as possible to make those arrangements.
You may also be aware that over the past few weeks, the number of students and staff testing positive for COVID has increased at some of our schools. This has led to some classroom and athletic quarantines. It is possible that if case rates continue to climb or schools have multiple outbreaks, individual schools or even the entire district may have to close. We believe that we can prevent that from happening as long as we continue to follow established health and safety practices both in our schools and our homes. So, remember hands face space, and home. Wash or sanitize your hands, wear your mask when necessary, physically distance, and keep your child home if they or you have COVID-like symptoms.
On this week’s podcast, we are very excited to be joined by Dan Sedgwick, Christie Lynn Rust, and Nick Rail, all teachers or community members who are drivers in our ability to provide a high-quality music program for our students. That podcast will air this Friday at 5 PM and you can find it on our Facebook page or at
Finally, just a reminder, that spring break is next week, April 5th-9th, and there will be no school or meal service until students return on Monday, April 12th. Also as we look toward students returning on the 12th, if your child is currently in 100% distance learning and you are interested in making the switch back to in-person blended learning, please reach out to your child’s school as soon as you’re able to begin the process.
I hope you all have a safe and healthy week and spring break.
If you have any questions or concerns please email