Del Norte Public Health Officer Masking Order Update 11-22-2021

Del Norte Public Health Indoor Sports Masking Order 11-22-2021

Last Thursday night during the school board meeting, Dr. Aaron Stutz, DN Public Health Officer, presented the CDPH masking guidelines for indoor sports, which included the masking of all participants, regardless of activity.  Dr. Stutz fielded questions from school board members and heard comments from the public regarding the uses and impacts of masks when actively participating in indoor sports, such as basketball.  Dr. Stutz responded to the concerns discussed at the board meeting by working over the weekend to issue modified masking orders that allow for weekly testing in place of masking, when actively participating in indoor sports, and that encourage vaccinations and enhanced testing for those participating in unmasked sporting events.

The Board would like to thank Dr. Stutz for his deliberation on this issue and for his concern for our community and for issues that are unique to youth. We will begin testing basketball players, as soon as possible, so that they are able to play without masks if they choose.

The masking order update has been attached to this post.  Thank you.


Public Health Masking Order 11-22-21