DNUSD and DNCOE Board Meetings & Special Joint Board Meeting 1-13-2021

DNUSD and DNCOE Board Meetings & Special Joint Board Meeting 1-13-2021

Today, the county board meeting begins at 3:30 PM, the special joint board meeting begins at 4:00 PM, and the district board meeting open session begins at 5:00 PM.


DNCOE Board Meeting Open Session:
3:30 PM
Special Joint Board Meeting Public Session:
4:00 PM
DNUSD Board Meeting Open Session:
5:00 PM

DNUSD & DNCOE Board Meeting Zoom link:

In order to participate in public comment, follow these instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Hdaa_dV_4GSewjjkeIUO0vlHvLU5-PKHJ5kHUCheXE/

The board meeting agenda can be viewed at: https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/SB_Meetings/SB_MeetingListing.aspx?S=36030752

Facebook live-stream: facebook.com/dnusd