Monday Update to the Community 6-27-2022

Monday Update to the Community 6-27-2022

Good Afternoon, I’m Jeff Harris, Superintendent of Schools for Del Norte County, and this is the final Monday update for this school year.


Outdoor Equity Program Grant Awarded to Del Norte County

I’d like to start with some pretty exciting news. Del Norte County has been selected to receive one of only 125 grants funded through the California State Parks Outdoor Equity program.  The Greater Outdoor Access and Learning (GOAL) grant is a partnership between the Del Norte County Office of Education, Redwoods State and National Parks, Redwoods Parks Conservancy, and the Del Norte Unified School District and was written with the input of students and community members.

This grant will provide three years of year-round opportunities for youth, families, and senior community members to explore and experience the numerous state, national, and local parks and recreation areas throughout Del Norte County and provide opportunities that many of our community members may not otherwise experience. Other benefits brought about by the grant include a portable outdoor education classroom, connecting youth with job pathways and career and technical education, enhancing community service and engagement by youth, and developing future leaders in our community.  We anticipate beginning programs by the end of September 2022.


Graduation and Promotion Ceremonies

We had a fantastic time celebrating our students' accomplishments during our promotion and graduation ceremonies during the last week of school. If you missed an event or just wanted to see it again, all 8-12th grade end-of-year promotion ceremonies and graduations were photographed and recorded and can be found on the front page of each school’s website. You can find links to all of our school websites at If you have any questions, please contact our communications department by emailing or by calling our communications help hotline at 707-464-6143.


Summer Programs

It’s almost time for our summer programs!  If you registered your child for one of our summer programs, you will receive an email from the District next week letting you know your child’s final program assignments.  You will also receive a call from your child’s summer teacher before the program begins.  Just a reminder that our first summer program starts on Monday, July 11, and the second session begins on Monday, August 1.  For more information, you can visit for more information. 


Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child who will be entering transitional kindergarten or kindergarten in August, I’d like to encourage you to enroll them as soon as possible.  We are creating new TK spaces, arranging kindergarten rooms, and working to staff kindergarten classes next year, and we want to make sure that we are planning the best programs possible.  To register your child, you can contact any of our schools or the district office for more information. 


Employee Celebration Event 2022 - Sponsors

Finally, I know that you’re already aware of the annual employee celebration event that takes place at the end of each May, but what you may not know is that many of our local businesses sponsor this event to help recognize the outstanding achievements of our staff and celebrate those retiring.  I’d like to take a moment to personally thank each business for their donations.  If you’d like to know more about our sponsors, so that you can support them, check out the program guide and sponsor information at

That's it for this week’s update. We hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer, and I look forward to the first update of the new school year on Monday, August 1st.

Thank you