Confirmed COVID-19 Case at Castle Rock Charter School

Confirmed COVID-19 Case at Castle Rock Charter School

Updated 08/24/2020

As of today, we have been informed of two confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Castle Rock Charter School. According to Castle Rock administration, potentially contaminated areas will be cleaned and disinfected immediately.  All inquiries regarding active cases or contact tracing should be made to Del Norte Public Health at (707) 464-3191.  More information can also be found at

As the coronavirus situation in our county and country continues to evolve, we urge you to take necessary precautions to limit the spread of coronavirus in our community.  We wish the affected Castle Rock staff members a quick recovery.

For more information on the Del Norte County Office of Education or District response procedures for COVID-19, please visit our website at or view our COVID-19 response flow chart directly at:

Please note that under Federal FERPA and HIPAA legislation, most of the information regarding health-related cases is confidential by law.