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Attendance Guide


Every Student, Every Day

As COVID-19 disrupted in-person school attendance, it is important for everyone to understand their role in establishing good attendance for Every Student, Every Day.


WHO can Help Students Attend School Everyday?

Inside of School

School district employees have a significant impact on students' attendance. From the members of the school board of education, district and site leaders, teachers and support staff, everyone that works in schools creates a positive school climate and relationships that connect students and families to school.  

Outside of School

Families, caregivers and community members have an important role in ensuring students attend school.  Families are experts at knowing their student’s strengths as well as the barriers that may prevent their student from attending school.

Chronic Absence Measures



WHY Attendance Matters


Attendance is one of the greatest predictors of whether a student graduates from high school.

The School to Prison Pipeline

  • The impact of missing school is the same whether your child is sick, ditching or taking some time off.  


  • Chronically absent students are less likely to achieve their learning goals in a given school year.


  • 83% of students that are chronically absent in Kindergarten and 1st grade cannot read on grade level by 3rd grade.


  • Students not on grade reading level by third grade are 4x more likely to drop out of high school.


  • High school dropouts are 8x more likely to be incarcerated.


Poor Attendance Has Long-Term Consequences


How many days did your child miss school?

Days Missed In School Year


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