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Human Resources

These resources are a collection of Human Resources-related resources that are managed by various departments across the district and are intended to be used by all staff when the need arises. They have been grouped together for convenience.



Department Resources

General Resources

Grievance Form

Document for employees to formally register complaints or disputes regarding workplace conditions, policies, or treatment.

Frontline Absence Manager

Online system for reporting work absences. You can also find various forms and documents utilized by staff for tasks such as leave requests, benefits enrollment, and performance evaluations.

Job Opportunities

Are you looking for a new job or want a change in position? See our available job openings here.

Leave Affidavit

Use this form to report work absences to be submitted to the Human Resources Office (for Contract Employees).

Leave of Absence

Approved time off from work granted to employees for various reasons such as personal, medical, or family emergencies.

Liability Release

Legal document absolving individuals or entities from responsibility for potential harm or damage incurred during certain activities or events.

Parental Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave Brochure

Informative document outlining entitlements, procedures, and rights for employees taking parental leave or pregnancy disability leave, including benefits and legal protections.

Suspected Child Abuse Report

Official form or protocol for reporting suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to relevant authorities, ensuring appropriate intervention and protection for the child.

UCP Form

Uniform Complaint Procedures form, used to file complaints alleging unlawful discrimination, harassment, or other violations in educational institutions.



Negotiations Updates

Communications informing stakeholders about the progress, developments, and outcomes of ongoing negotiations between employee unions and employers regarding terms of employment, such as salaries, benefits, and working conditions.

Certificated Resources

Bargaining Agreements - Certificated

Contracts outlining terms between educational institutions and certified staff regarding work conditions, salaries, and benefits.


Certificated Retirement Portal


Certificated, certificated management & classified management benefits portal.

Certificated Calendars

Access your work calendar for the school year.

Certificated Salary Schedules

Structured charts detailing salary levels and increments for certified employees based on experience and qualifications.


Looking to sub at one of our district sites? Find out more here.

Understanding Certificated Salary Placement & Movement

Guidelines explaining how certified staff are initially placed on salary schedules and progress through pay increments.

Request for Payment Schedule

All certificated personnel have the option of receiving ten payments, or participating in the Summer
Arrears Program

Resignation Retirement

Process of formally stepping down from a position of employment due to retirement.

Classified Resources

Bargaining Agreements - Classified

Contracts delineating terms between employers and classified staff, covering wages, benefits, and working conditions for non-teaching roles.


Classified retirement portal.


Classified and confidential staff benefits.

Classified Employee Calendars

Schedules outlining work days, holidays, and other pertinent dates for classified staff.

Classified Employee Handbook

This employee handbook provides quick access to relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines for navigating workplace issues and responsibilities.

Classified Hiring Process

Procedures for recruiting, interviewing, and selecting candidates for non-teaching positions within DNUSD and DNCOE.

Classified Job Descriptions

Documents detailing duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for specific non-teaching roles within an organization.

Personnel Commission

Regulatory body overseeing the hiring, promotions, and disciplinary actions for classified employees in public education institutions.

Classified Salary Schedules

Structured charts showing salary levels and increments for classified staff based on experience and job classification.

Employee Resources and Information

Materials and guidance provided to classified staff to aid them in their roles, including policies, procedures, and training.

Staff Directory

Alyssa Obermeyer

Director of Human Resources
Human Resources, Personnel Commission

Kristy Horn

Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources

Mary Martinez

Human Resources Specialist - Credentialing Analyst
Human Resources

Karma Robb

Human Resources Technician
Human Resources

Tami Zottola

Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources